What is anatomy?

Anatomy is a medical term that encompasses the study of basic structures of the body which includes bones, muscles, joints and other internal organs. Yoga anatomy is the information that creates a connection between your body and your intellectual mind. This information will help you build a deeper understanding of your yoga practice as a student and teacher.

Course curriculum

    1. Part 1 Systems of the Body

    2. Part 2. Systems of the Body

    3. Part 3. Systems of the Body

    4. Systems of the Body Slides

    1. Part 1. Anatomical Terms of Movement

    2. Part 2. Anatomical Terms of Movement

    3. Part 3. Anatomical Terms of Movement

    4. Part 4. Anatomical Terms of Movement

    5. Movement Slides

    1. Part 1. Foot & Ankle Theory

    2. Part 2. Foot & Ankle Asana

    3. Foot & Ankle Slides

    1. Part 1. Knee Theory

    2. Part 2. Knee Asana

    3. Knee Slides

    1. Part 1. Hip Theory

    2. Part 2. Hip Asana

    3. Part 3. Hip Theory

    4. Part 4. Hip Asana

    5. Part 5. Hip Theory

    6. Part 6. Hip Asana

    7. Hip and Pelvis Slides

    1. Part 1 Lumbar Spine | Structure

    2. Part 2 Lumbar Spine | Muscles

    3. Part 3 Lumbar Spine | Bhandas & Injuries

    4. Part 4. Lumbar Spine Asana

    5. Part 5. Lumbar Spine Asana Continued

    6. Lumbar Spine Slides (1)

    7. Lumbar Spine Slides (2)

About this course

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Your Instructor

Megan Grobler

Senior Instructor

Megan is an established Biokineticist with over 9 years of experience in the industry. She owns 2 practices in Johannesburg, South Africa. Megan is an expert in human movement, and specializes in correcting movement patterns and orthopaedic rehabilitation. Megan has a BSc. (Med.) (Hons.) Biokinetics (UCT). She also completed her 200 teacher training course in India in Ashtanga with Iyengar alignment principles. She has guided many yoga classes through her network + has also hosted her own yoga retreats.

What you will get with this course:

  • In-depth Videos

  • Course Slides

  • Applicable Asana Practice to Enhance Learning Experiences

  • Additional Notes and Resources

  • Quizzes

Who is this course for:

Yoga instructors wishing to revise and upskill their anatomy knowledge - Yoga studios running 200hr Teachers Training Course - Yoga professionals simply seeking to deepen your personal practice.

Why is anatomy important to teaching yoga?

  • Movement

    Through the study of anatomy you will learn about: Joint function and limitations; What bones and muscles are in action when doing specific yoga poses; Anatomical terms and positions. This anatomical toolkit will allow you to advance your yoga practice and yoga teaching. You will be able to give hands-on adjustments for the safety of your students' joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

  • Guidance

    When you are teaching students, you must be able to help them safely adjust into or out of poses. It is the instructor’s responsibility to ensure the safety of each student as they learn about each technique. A competent yoga teacher will need to give advice on modifications for a multitude of poses. A yoga teacher has to be knowledgeable about each area of the body and how it will be affected by each pose. Understanding anatomy can have a profound impact on your cueing and sequencing in your teaching. You will benefit from a deeper understanding of the philosophies in creating yoga sequences.

  • Pain and injury management

    The goal in each class should be to make sure your students feel safe and supported. Anatomical awareness will help with injury prevention and facilitate the healing process. You will also be able to take on students with injuries in a safe and effective way. Many different types of people will attend your classes from beginners to more experienced individuals. A teacher must be familiar with the limitations of every body type, ailment, and experience level. Anatomy will help the instructor understand how our muscles, joints and bones work at all levels of fitness.

Course and Instructor Reviews

“Megan is an accomplished yoga instructor with a powerful skills set that enables her to mindfully guide students through both asana and anatomy with clarity and care. I have personally experienced the magic of her classes. Each one is unique, carefully curated to unpack the pose while exploring the internal workings of body and mind in movement. The result of Megan’s gentle instruction is blissful grounding and deep healing as she skillfully synchronizes posture and alignment with breath to awaken your physical and spiritual potential. Megan’s ability to humanize the science of anatomy and apply it to the practice of yoga is simply mastery in motion. This course is not the be missed.”

Ali Barnard

“I attended Megan's yoga retreat and was blown away by her thoughtful and accessible teaching style. Megan is phenomenal at using her wealth of anatomical knowledge to explain the benefits of different poses, provide adjustments for different poses (especially for injured yogis), and build balanced classes that focus on different areas of the body. Her course is comprehensive, easy to follow and enriching, and has made me a better teacher and yogi. I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their yoga teaching or personal practice.”

Emma Green

“Megan is a skilled yoga instructor who has inspired my yoga practice. She has an extensive knowledge of anatomy and combines it to create classes that challenge your body and mind. I have learned so much from Megan through her online yoga anatomy teachings and participating in her yoga classes. I would highly recommend this course!”

Victoria Ashwin

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The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness

- Sakyong Mipham